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Vic Ja4 (also known as "Victor Alarcon" or just "Vic or V.J.") is a South American - Peruvian songwriter, guitar player and singer. Having born in Ilo-Peru, Vic Ja4 moved to Iquique, Chile in 2003. 
In Iquique, Vic Ja4 founded the band MD-1O3 (with MD standing for Musical Disease) in 2006. At the beginning, this band consisted of vocalist-guitarist Victor Javier Alarcon-Vargas (“V.J.”), Chilean drummer Mauricio Ignacio Morales-Portilla (“Nasho”), and Chilean bassist Karlos Rosales-Alarcon.
Karlos Rosales-Alarcon, left the band one year later due to personal reasons.

In later 2009, Alarcon started working with Producer H. Zacher at Grooveloft Media & Musikproduktion in Leichlingen, Germany.
In 2012, V.J. re-founded the band MD-1O3, with bassist-vocalist Michael Mitschelin. However, due to external issues the band concept then changed.
In 2018, Vic Ja4 started recording his first acoustic album with producer H. Zacher and percussionist/drummer Lester Alfonso Narváez at Grooveloft Media & Musikproduktion
His first album “Aurora Boreal” was released in 2019.
On March 3rd, 2020 Vic Ja4 went to shoot a music video in the Finnish Arctic for his single called "Aurora Boreal" (Northern lights) without expecting the coronavirus outbreak to leave him stranded there. Vic Ja4 got an interview with "Reuters" regarding his situation. Before returning to Germany Vic Ja4 shot another music video for another single "Llamada Perdida" (Missed call), inspired by the pandemic, depicting himself self-isolating in an Arctic hut in the forest. He also got an interview with "Rolling Stone Magazine". Vic Ja4 was also a guest in a podcast from "All About Lapland" where he tells about his adventure trip to Finnish Lapland.

Photo by All About Lapland.
South American musician & song composer.
Genre: (Outdoor) Pop Rock
Instruments performed by:
Victor Javier Alarcon-Vargas - Guitars, Vocals & Bass
Lester Alfonso Narváez - Percussion
Anna Schreiber - Bass & Backing Vocals (collaborator)
Michael Mitschelin (collaborator)

Recording, mixing, production, sound engineering & mastering:


Record Producer: H. Zacher - Media & Musikproduktion.